About me (Rich Parker)

About me (Rich Parker)

I am a software developer (ASM/C/C++/C#), and have worked professionally since 1981 in a variety of languages, in a few industries, most of which revolved around HealthCare and insurance.  I knew there was more to life than just a keyboard.

In 1994, I got contract work in San Francisco, and ended up getting my first “real” camera: A 35mm film Canon “Rebel”, and spent the next few years taking snapshots, some light painting and lightning photography.

In 2016, after a few years’ of hiatus, I finally made the move into digital photography, and have re-discovered the excitement yet again.  Digital cameras make things like learning manual settings, and trial and error MUCH faster, and less expensive.  With the guidance of several YouTube channels, I really got into this craft, and decided that I wanted to ‘pay it forward’, back to the YouTube community.  My objective here is to try and become a fire-starter: to help inspire others, and show folks some of the neat things you can do with a decent camera and some spare creativity.

For those looking for a “serious photographer” to talk about “the exposure triangle”, I’ll leave that to others… it’s been done TO DEATH.  I will touch on things like exposure and depth of field, but most of the videos and art that you will find here are “hmm… try this… ” type of work.

For those who need cataloging or other photography in Western North Carolina, let me know… I still have a ‘day job’ in computers, but am always looking for new things to do at night or on weekends.