Please stand by…

Please stand by…

I wanted to do a bunch of weather-related shots, but so far, hurricane/tropical storm/tropical depression Florence has brought us in Asheville only a small amount of rain (about 2 inches as I write this).  We need to count our blessings, as most areas in the state have gotten clobbered with rain and storm damage.  Tomorrow will tell for sure, but I hope and believe the worst is over for North Carolina, as the remnants seem to be accelerating and heading north.

This week, weather permitting, I’ll be on a business trip to Nashville, Tennessee, so I’m hoping for good weather to get some night/cityscape shots in my downtime there.

While I have a partial essay on the storm, it’s rather incomplete.  I have pictures of unused (so far) sandbags, not-quite-flooded French Broad river and Bent Creet landing, about-to-close State fair, et cetera.  Near misses that I’m sorta glad were misses.  So, late this week, I’ll go back through the images and put them together.

I just wanted you all to know why I didn’t have a photographic posting this weekend.

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