Sometimes, you get a shot… just not what was planned.

Sometimes, you get a shot… just not what was planned.

Today was a day I had NOT planned for.  I went to 5 barbershop/hair cut places, and every spot was over booked, multi-hour delay, et cetera.  Driving home, I noticed the sky getting REALLY dark, so I started hoping for some lightning.

The sky was too light: I was reading 1/250 at F/13 ISO 100… that would be crazy wastage, so I switched to 50 fps/1080p video, to see if I could get lucky.  Apparently, not today:  The storm turned south east, and went to Hendersonville, outside of camera or video range from Arden.  

Life has taught me to try and look for something good/nice no matter what.  In this case, I found a nice little rainbow, so I switched to still photography, grabbed a few shots, then switched back to catch the non-existent lightning.

Look closely, and you’ll see why I went crazy with contrast and saturation… these are double rainbows.  The second one is fainter, but it’s there.  So, happy no-haircut, no-trip-no lightning day with a rainbow on top!

Double rainbow! What does it mean?
First of two shots of a double-rainbow
Double rainbow!
The second of two shots, showing a primary and secondary rainbow.

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