First leaf of the season…Fall is coming

First leaf of the season…Fall is coming


I have been a bit weak this Spring/Summer…not ready for fall.  In the mountains, it is called “leaf peepin season”, where many many outside tourists come through to watch the leaves change and drop across the Blue Ridge Mountains (and in the Smokies).  It’s beautiful, and a big boon to the area, but the traffic gets a bit silly.

I wondered when I’d see leaves, since the Hendersonville Apple Festival starts this coming weekend.  No sooner did I think that then I walked out to lunch (Tuesday, 28 Aug), and saw this.

Well, I cleaned my sensor (super-easy to do), so I better clean my polarizers and ND filters this weekend to get ready.  We’ve got time before the leaves get going, but not as much time as I’d like.

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