More Rainbows!

More Rainbows!

You know they say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”… I think this is the same general idea.  I missed the thunderstorm (too far away), but caught a long run rainbow with the misty rain we did get.  It lasted a good 20 minutes, so I grabbed a few shots, then added a polarizer, and grabbed a few more.

Fun fact: NEVER EVER use a polarizer for lightning shots… at best, it darkens a little of the sky… at worst, it completely obliterates the lightning.

This is going to be a hectic weekend (I hope)… with an Apple Festival in Hendersonville, a State fair in South Carolina, and an art festival (LAAF) in downtown Asheville, and a 3-day weekend.

Will I have enough energy to start putting out videos again?  I sure hope so.  I have the Craggy Peaks hike to edit, and about 6 product reviews started, or I may just do my own take on “uniquely satisfying”… time (and weather) will tell.

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